The Spiritual Plane



  • Plane where those who refuse to move on reside.

The Spiritual Plane is a plane of existence, coexisting within the physical plane, where spirits who refuse to move onto the afterlife, between life and death.

The afterlife is constantly pulling the spirits who reside here, attempting to bring them into Heaven or Hell. There is also a barrier, or veil separating this plane from the physical plane.

In this plane, there is also no supernatural abilities.

Seers can peek into this plane, almost existing between both the physical and spiritual.

Characteristics and Appearances Edit

The Spiritual Plane looks exactly as the physical plane does, except it is blurry and faded in color, looking deadly. There are lost, angry souls everywhere, crying, for centuries, praying to return to life.


The Spiritual Plane.

The spiritual plane prohibits magic and interaction with the physical plane, though they are able to commune physically with the other spirits.

The Veil to the Physical Plane Edit

There is a barrier, or veil dividing the spiritual plane and physical plane, though they exist within each other. This is what keeps the spirits invisible and unseen by the the living.

The Merge Edit

In order to revert Liv back into a witch, Meredith Jackson devised a plan to kill her, turning her back into a witch from Surgo as she did a spell to open a hole for Liv's body and her spirit. This was successfully done, but they discovered that she pierced and broke into the veil, causing a big enough rupture for all the beings who died in Meadow Wood to return from the spiritual plane and the afterlife onto the physical plane, the merge.


Possessions during the "Merge".

While they spirits were initially invisible and intangible to everyone (except Meredith, as she is a Seer), causing chaos and possessions in the town, they cast a spell to make them visible and corporeal.

Alexandra DeLuca was entreated to help repair the veil, as she had experience with the opening and closing portals to the planes, previously trapping Nina in purgatory using a triquetra.