Telekinetic TransportationTelekinetic Transportation
"Sorry, but I’m controlling myself not to transport places on random things I think. I don’t think I can transport on force…at least not to a far destination"
Vince as a teleportation newbie.

Telekinetic Transportation is the ability teleport beings or objects to different location through the means of telekinesis. This power is very helpful as it can allow you to evade attacks and it is possessed by several magical beings, mostly good. Council Helpers have this power originally. It is an advancement of telekinesis.


There are a few different ways to use this power:

  • Teleport yourself to different locations as well as transport with others.
  • Transport another person to a different location.
  • Transport objects you can touch to a different location.
  • Evade attacks.

Strength, Control, and SkillEdit

As a rookie, you will teleport to places or transport objects that randomly come into your mind and it can be very frustrating. This is what Vince did. Soon, you will be able to transport small objects and transport to near destinations until you can go bigger.

Remote Teleportation and With OthersEdit

Advanced users will soon be able to transport people without transporting with them.

When transporting with a group of people, one must have physical contact with them.

Extreme Telekinetic TransportationEdit

Blind TransportingEdit

Since Vince was very strong, his telekinetic transportation strengthened as well. His first act of strengthened telekinetic transportation was when he transported a heart from werewolf into his hand. This was during the solar eclipse. Without the solar eclipse, he and his coven recalled his moved and they got him to do it with much concentration. The original power is used to mostly teleport people and some objects that you can touch, but he can transport objects that he can't even see. Soon Vince got so talented that with deep concentration, he was able to transport objects to himself from miles away.

Time Transporting