Spell Casting
— Ian to Callie about Drake's history

Spell Casting is the ability to cast spells. It is one of the two basic powers that all magical witches have, the other one is potion making. Spells allow you to change the natural world or change how things work and other various effects.

Some spells require more than one witch to make them work in order to increase the amount of magic and therefore potential power available for the spell. Also, some spells are so powerful and advanced that some witches cannot cast them or more witches are needed.

This is one of the most obvious characteristics of witches is their ability to cast spells. A spell could consist of a set of words, a verse, rhymes, a ritual action, or any combination of these. Majority of the spells are spoken in Latin. Some can be nonverbal as well.

Spells may not always work all the time or how it is supposed to work. They may backfire or work weakly. Plus, a lot of emotion may be needed for it to work. Extra components/material may be needed or can be added to help strengthen the spell's effect and power. However, it's not always needed seeing as how sometimes, in the books, witches make up spells on the spot.

Some people keep their spells in a spell book, also called Grimoire or totem.

Amelia is considered the best spell-writer in the Bonum Coven. She is responsible for creating the most powerful vanquishing spell the Bonum Coven has and knows many spells.

Spells and RitualsEdit

Temporary Shield Spell: Evil near, evil here. Shield this place from the forces of darkness and power that lie within this place. For ten minutes, keep us safe from every case. Found in Bonum Book and shields and protects with purple shield for ten minutes. Users: Ethan Parker, Kristen Clark, and Amelia Smith

Ressurection of Claire Spell: Dominus mortis. Hoc nobis in doloribus nocte metus. Reducet amato. Claire reducamcum sanguine et cinere. Resurrects Claire Evans. Created by Amelia Smith. Failed. Users: Ethan Parker, Kristen Clark, Vince Reed, and Amelia Smith.

Cleaning Spell: Mundus. Cleans things. Can be found in Bonum Book, etc. Users: Amelia Smith, Chris Cloud

Bonum Power Giving Spell: Hear our words. Hear our cries. We call for the power. Give us the power. Descendants of Bonum. Let their powers rise. Bring us their magic. (Repeated five times) Gives Bonum Member active powers. Users: Bonum Coven