Power HoldingPower Holding


Take hold of someone's power by transporting it into your mental grip, leaving the user without it momentarily.

Users Vince Reed
Transport their powers into your mental grip. You’re strong and you should be able to hold their powers long enough. Plus, you’ll be possessing and holding their powers, not keeping it from working.

Callie to Vince telepathically.

Power Holding is the rare and powerful ability to to take hold of someone's power by transporting it into your mental grip momentarily, leaving the user without it for those moments. Advanced users are able to use the powers they are holding as well. This is ability is mainly used to use different abilities as well as keep your opponent defenseless for a while.

When you take hold of the person's power mentally, it will dissapear, almost as if it went into your head. When you let it go, it reappears where it was taken hold of. This power also works with mental powers like telepathy. If someone tried to use their telepathy on you, you could take hold of them power and then use their telepathy on them, doing things like putting thoughts into their mind.

However, the downside effect of this power is that you can't use your own ability because you are busy holding their ability so it is best to have someone else with you to attack opponent or use the ability your holding on opponent. Another downside is that once you can't hold it any longer, the power continues so if you were holding fire thrown at you, it would resume being thrown at you. The best way to avoid this is to hold the person's power before they even begin to use their power. Vince is the only person to gain this power and it is an advancement of telekinetic transportation.

Strength, Control, and SkillEdit

The first time Vince used this power, he only took control of his opponent's power for a few seconds. Later, with practiced this power and was able to hold three powers for at least one minute. Alec and Barvner where trying to use their powers by breaking through Cristina's mental tie around it. It was hurting her so Callie told Vince to hold their powers. He took hold of their and Lucy's powers. He couldn't use his own power, however. The next strengthening of his power was when he was able to use the power himself.

Later, users will be able to take hold of the person's power quicker and for long periods of time. Also, if someone used their power on the person, they could just redirect the power quickly without it dissapearing. You would just hold it and take control of it mentally and use the power on more people at once. You could also power hold multiple powers at once.