Power AbsorptionPower Absorption

Absorbs another's powers, leaving the original user without the powers taken.

  • Crius
  • Matthew (Energy power through spell)
  • Lia (Energy power through spell)
— Madison to Callie in memory

Power Absorption is the ability to absorb magical powers, leaving the original user without them. It can be accomplished by letting the power be used on you. You will not get hurt, but will instead absorb the power. Users can also make it happen or cause it not to happen.

Another form of this power absorption is to absorb someone's energy after you kill them, making yourself stronger. This is done through a spell that Matthew uses often.

The only way the power will be returned to the original possessor is is the absorber dies or if the person goes to afterlife. They will get their powers back, but the stealer will still have them as a copy if he/she is still alive.