Percival: an Empath and WItch.

"He can feel everything. Even the bad things. The pain. The sorrow. The sadness. The worry. No wonder he's so quiet."

―The Coven Series

Empathy is ability to sense and understand the emotions and feelings of others around you as well as manipulate these emotions to your will. Beings with this ability are referred to as an "Empath". While the power primarily consists of feeling and interpreting the emotions of others in the vicinity, it can grow to being able to change these emotions, projecting emotions such as pain upon the person, and even channeling their powers.

The only known Empath is Percival who is a Gifted Witch. He has been shown to be very apathetic despite his power, though he feels even the slightest emotion easily. He has shown great control over this ability seeing as how feeling emotions of others can lead to pain by itself.


A being with this ability can feel the emotions of others around them and alter them according to their will. This being, Percival has become a great asset to the Council, able to solve conflicts and force witches to agree to the deals Lorenzo suggests. Percival has also been shown to be able to read if a person is lying to them, as they feel guilty and afraid, which is also useful.

Beings with this power can flood emotions into a person or soften them, using the emotions they are currently feeling at the moment.

The theory of the ability is that it is solely meant to help people as is all magical abilities. Empaths are meant to heal, console, and sooth the pain of others and with their level of sensitivity to their problems, ease them. This is another example of how Laurel believes magic is being misused. While Percival isn't using to necessarily punish or kill others, he does not use it to its full, benefiting potential.


  • You must be near the person.
  • Whatever emotion you are inflicting or flood, you must feel them as well.