Claire Evans

  • 1991 (aged 16)
  • Spokesperson
  • Deceased
Physical Description
  • Long, Blonde Hair
  • Hazel Green
Basic Powers
Leader Powers
  • Sensing
Active Powers
Advanced Powers
  • Energy Balls and Beams
Cause of Death
Well, she was great. Yeah, she was great and she was strong too. She kind of guided all of us into this gently. Claire made it easier for all of us because she was strong and she understood. She was really the best person you could ever have the chance to meet. It's a shame she's dead now. I loved that girl.
Ethan to Callie.

Claire Evans was a witch and the daughter and only child of Matthew Evans and Isabel Evans. Her parents were both full witches which made her a full witch. She was the first and original leader of the current Bonum Coven until tragically killed by her father, which after her powers were tooken by him.

As the daughter of the mayor, she was a spokesperson. She is mentioned many times in The Coven Series and is described as strong, powerful, determined, smart, serious, and a great leader. She was the girlfriend of Ethan Parker before she died and was like a sister to Kristen Clark as well as one of the best friends of Amelia Smith and Vince Reed.

Although her powers were taken away by Matthew, these were her powers before taken away:

Basic Powers

Spell Casting - Gives power to cast spells to make various effects or things happen like the vanquish of someone.

Potion Making - Has power to brew potions with different herbs and roots and use them for various effects.

Leader and Bonum Powers

Leader Powers:

Sensing - This ability to sense someone. Hers is limited to only being able to sense the Bonum Coven. Images of where sensee is will pop up in head and advanced users can keep it there for a while on will. (Would've led to Sensing Teleportation)

Bonum Powers:

Augmentation - Ability to strengthen's ones power. When the coven is together, they are each more powerful and strengthen one another.

High Resistance - Ability to survive attacks and be more durable. When the coven is together, they can survive more attacks easily than as in individuals.

Sensing - The ability to sense someone. Limited to Bonum Coven.

Active Powers and Abilities

Pyrokinesis - Ability to produce, control, and manipulate fire.

Electrokinesis - Ability to produce, control, and manipulate electricity.

Telekinesis - Ability to move objects and people.

Aerokinesis - Ability to produce, control, and manipulate air and wind.

Hydrokinesis - Ability to produce, control, and manipulate water.

Energy Balls and Beams - Ability to produce and manipulate balls of energy and shoots deadly energy beams from hands that can incenerate skin.


Adflicto Potion - Like other supernatural beings, she and her powers become weak depending on how much is consumed or touched and how powerful she is.

Overuse of Magic - Some witches aren't powerful enough to channel a great amount of power at once or for a long period of time. This will weaken them momentarily, but it they're overexhausted, it can lead to death.

Witches that are alive can also die from natural causes and deaths that humans face as they are not invincible. However, Claire is more durable and resistant.