I can hear thoughts of people. Also, I can broadcast thoughts into people’s minds. Along with that, I can project
Cristina to Matthew about her power.

Channel Magic is a useful form of witchcraft commonly used by witch practitioners and pure witches. Channel Magic allows the user to channel and tap into a source of power, energy, talisman, or even another being's magic to manipulate the source into their advantage. This type of craft is done with a mental connection, more often, to the source. If connection to the source is broken, the magic is immediately stopped.

Many witches use sources such as lit candles, celestial events, or talismans as sources as they can supply them with energy for hours. While Channel Magic is somewhat thought as simple, it can be very useful and powerful with the right possessor. Meredith, a frequent user of Channel Magic has shown the true extents of this power multiple times, channeling powers of witches, redirecting their powers, and even using this magic as fuel to give her energy to perform other actions such as strong, draining spells. It can be dangerous, however, especially for practitioners because some Channel Magic can be very exhausting.

Some pracititoners using Channel Magic to tap into the power of the Earth so that they can use Earth Magic, but overuse of this can cause earth and nature to retaliate, as pure witches (and Hybrids, because of their witch half) are only meant to use this form of craft.


Channel Magic was first used by Sage White to create a talisman, Sage's Locket.


  • Deflect another's powers.
  • Use some kind of energy source as a power.
  • Copy/Duplicate someone's power from the inside.
  • Augmentate your and another's person's power.