Enhance your powers and another's.

  • Li
Augmentation. She can strengthen her powers as well as the powers of others.
— Mel to Amelia about Li's powers.

Augmentation is the rare ability to make the powers and abilities of oneself or another stronger. It can help, seeing as how you can become and do things extremely powerful when you enhance your abilities.

This is an active power, but you are able to strengthen your abilities through spells, potions, other powers, talismans, celestial events, channeling energy and nature as well as through the power of a collective.

Solar Eclipse

On the night of the solar eclipse, the Bonum Meadow augmented the powers of all the Bonum Coven, unopening their advanced powers and strengthening Amelia's powers. They were easily able to kill the large group of Surgos as well as werewolves. The solar eclipse also provided them with control over their powers.

Strengthening One's Powers

Lia wrote a book about how she strengthened her abilities and became extremely powerful even though she was a Half-Witch. She cast spells to strengthen and capture powers as well as took in the energy and power of the nature and thunderstorms, cellestial events, talismans, and stole powers from others.

Matthew also augmented his powers by taking in the power energy of others.

Collective Power

Strong groups or collectives like the Bonum Coven get stronger independently when they are together as one because each other strenghten another's powers. They make them high resistant to things and more.