Anti-Witch Council

Creation Date
  • 1692
Death Date
  • 1702
Reconstitution Date
  • 2011
Significant Kills
  • The Original Bonum Coven
  • Lia Evergreen
Head of Council
Witch Hunters
  • Zach Vennings
— Jeric to Callie

The Anti-Witch Council is a group of high-ranking citizens of Meadow Wood who secretly protect the town from witches. The first council was created in 1692, but was killed in 1702 by the Council.

In 2011, it was reconstituted by Matthew Evans who is a witch himself.


It is revealed that the Anti-Witch Council were the ones who led the event to the Witch Trials in Wahsington. The Anti-Witch Council burned the Original Bonum Coven and other witches immediately once they saw them using magic or suspected they did, not even giving them trials.They tried to kill the Original Bonum Witch's children, but they were protected by the Meadow's shield.


Matthew Evans had been working with Sheriff Carol Dalton, trying to recruit members. Once they recruited members, they had meetings of whether to restart the Council or to not. After Matthew came to the after party of the Meadow High Graduation and attacked with fireballs, unseen, Mr. Gordon went out of the school and called for a meeting that night which is where they decided to restart the Council and appoint Matthew as Head, not knowing he was an evil witch.


Their mission is to protect Meadow Wood from witches, thinking that all are evil. They have help from Witch Hunters (some are in the Council) who help investigate witches and help capture witches and kill once needed. They also work with Suppliers (some are in the Council) who supply and store Adflicto until needed.




  • Darrel Gordon (Human)
  • Zach Vennings (Witch Hunter and Supplier; Werewolf)
  • David Thompson (Fomer Head of the Council in 1692; Human)
  • Lia Evergreen (Half-Witch)
  • Logan Vennings (Werewolf; Grandson of Noah Vennings)
  • Drake (Surgo Witch)
  • Charlie Cloud (Witch Hunter; Human)
  • Philip Kress (Human)