— Madison to Callie in memory

Aerokinesis is the ability to produce, control, and manipulate air and wind. It is possessed by Witches. This power can create very strong things to move things or push people back. Also, this power is one of the first few powers used in the books. Power can be activated through potions.

Control, Strength, and SkillEdit

Beginners or users that are not very powerful can only create small winds or manipulate air a little to do minor things like blow out candles. Stronger and more powerful and advanced users can create very powerful winds over a large and can blow heavier and bigger objects to different places.

Powers Developed From AerokinesisEdit

Aerokinetic BlastEdit

The ability to create a powerful, strong concentrated amount of air that can push people back at far distances as well as fill their bloods with so much air that they die. Ethan possesses this ability and killed multiple Surgos when he was angry and conjured a small potion of this power in the meadow that made picnickers stumbled back and almost fall.

Aerokinetic TransportationEdit

The ability to make air form around you and transport you to a location as well as other things and people. When this ability is in use, air will form around the place, making this fly away a little. Luis possessed this power and it was shown by Ethan that it can be stopped with the power of aerokinesis by making the air not form around them.

List of Beings who use(d) AerokinesisEdit

Original PowerEdit

Through spells, potions, etc.Edit