Adflicto Potion
  • Weakens (When drank or touched by a magical being; affect depends on amount and how powerful being is)
  • Green

Adflicto Potion is a substance created years ago by humans who were anti-magic and hated witches and other magical beings. They wanted to weaken them so they could kill them and so they mixed up herbs and made the potion.

It was used for some centuries, especially in the 1700s by Witch Hunters who combined their bullets, arrows, swords, and more with the substance to kill witches. Then, it died down.

It was first used in a long time at the carnival at Meadow Wood. It was part of the sheriff’s plan to kill Surgo Witches, not knowing that it weakened other magical creatures because of Alec’s not saying. Ever since then, it was used as a weapon and part of bad plans.

Witch Practitioners are not affected by the potion because they don’t have magical blood.

Significant UsesEdit

In the early 1700s, Witch Hunters used Adflicto against witches. This was very helpful and was able to kill Liaand the Original Bonum Coven along with their other weapons.

It was used in the carnival, weakening some of the Bonum Coven, their parents, Jules, other witches, and many Surgo Witches. However, the un-Adflictoed Bonum members went to the place where the people were captured and rescued the good ones with the help of Jeric who fought Alec off. The Surgo Witches were killed later.

Adflicto CharmEdit

Jenny's Aflicto Charm

Knowing that she is human and wants to protect her, Zach, a werewolf, gave his sister, Jenny Vennings, an Adflicto Charm filled with Adflicto that could be replaced over and over by twisting it open. It is the only known Adflicto Charm in the books. However, Jenny decided she didn't need it after a while and gave it to Anna, which was helpful since she became a Witch Hunter herself.

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